Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Problems with Removable Partial Denture


      They have to fasten to your existing teeth, and because of that they put extra stress on those teeth. What tends to happen over the years is that you will lose those teeth that it attaches to. This especially happens if you have a large number of teeth missing as you do on the upper.
      They trap food. There are either metal or plastic clasps that attach to the teeth, and food collects around those clasps, which also causes problems for those teeth. The collected food promotes tooth decay.
      They are uncomfortable. The hardware in your mouth is annoying. Sometimes upper partials have to cover your palate, and this can provoke a gagging reflex in some people.
      They are risky.There is a risk that you may swallow the partial denture.It may struck in your food track or your wind pipe..which is quite dangerous.
      Mostly the removable dentures are loose..and it may come out while drinking,eating and speaking and it may lead to embarrassing moments
      Removable dentures don’t  increase the chewing efficiency.
     In the long run they resorb the underlying jaw bone

    Dental Implants are excellent treatment option for removable partial dentures.
Dental implants have none of the problems associated with removable dentures.They are simple and straight forward and economical option to get fixed teeth

A 27 year old male patient from banglore came with complaint of loose removable denture .He is wearing that for past 2 years.

DENTAL IMPLANT treatment was suggested to him...and the implant placement done under local anesthesia using the flapless approach(without any incision in the gums)

 Within one hour acrylic provisional crown fixed.He will get ceramic crown in 4 days...
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